There are many rugby positions that you can play for and there is practically a position for all body types. it requires a different set of physical and technical attributes which makes the game accessible to all.  So, it doesn’t matter whether you are short and powerful or lean and fast where you can find your position on the rugby pitch.  Knowing your position is going to be a massive part of the development in the game when it comes to rugby positions by size. Below are the best rugby positions to play.

 1 & 3 Loosehead and Tighthead Prop

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Along with the hooker, the loose-head and tight-head props make up is known as the front row which refers to their rugby positions. For becoming successful, both props must be extremely strong in the neck, shoulders, upper body and legs. Props help in securing the ball when a player has been tackled and can combine their power with a degree of mobility.


Lining up in the scrum between the two props then hooker is one of the forwards key decision-makers.  The player needs to co-ordinate the timing at the scrum and can be responsible for winning possession in the scrummage by hooking the ball back through the prop’s legs.

4 & 5 Lock /Second row

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The second-row forwards are the engine room of the scrum and the target men in the lineout which means that they need to be tall, powerful players with the excellent scrummaging technique and pinpoint timing.

6 & 7 Flanker/wing forward

The Flankers are considered to be the players with fewest set responsibilities and makes an excellent all-rounder with the inexhaustible energy. Speed, strength, fitness, tackling and handling skills are all vital. This position is known as the rugby positions by size.


The heartbeat of the side and arguably the most influential player on the pitch. Almost every attack will go through the fly-half and has the responsibility of deciding when to pass the ball out to the centers and when to kick for position.

The above-mentioned positions are the ideal ones to know regarding the rugby positions by size and need to excel in that position. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best rugby positions to play. Thanks for reading!

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