The Shaheens also known as the Pakistan cricket team worldwide, are credited as one of the best cricket team in the world. The men in the team wear green and represent their country wholeheartedly on the field. The International Cricket Council has considered the team as the full member of the council. They have been active participants in ODI, 20-20 and all sorts of international cricket matches.

The cricket team has so far played 926 ODIs out of which they won 425 matches and 413 matches have been unfortunate for them. In 1992, however the team was declared as the 1992 World Cup Champion. The 1999 world cup saw Pakistan being the runner up. Pakistan cricket team has played 425 test matches, out of which they had won 136 and 130 matches didn’t prove to be good for them. They have also played 142 twenty- twenty matches out of which they won 90 matches and they lost 49 matches. In 2017, the ICC World trophy was taken home by the Pakistan cricket team and they were appreciated for their splendid performance. The only hindrance that has always prevented the other nations in entering the country is the problem of terrorism. The active terrorist activities in the country had always affected the country’s impression in the world cricket. Even though such problems existed, the Pakistan cricket team has always delivered its best in all the matches. They were regarded as the performers. The Pakistan Super league had been organized in the country which has seen many young talents perform well. The first cricket match was organized in Karachi on 22 November 1935, and the match was held between Sindh and Australia. Since then, the Pakistan team has always performed the best in all the matches and hence they were allowed to play in the world cricket.

The team has been always strong, but they have been unpredictable many times. Pakistan team consists of some talented and exceptional cricketers. The india-pakistan tensions have never affected the game and they have continued to respect each other’s talents.

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