Professionally the game of Badminton is Indoors

Many of you might be familiar with the game of badminton to played in the garden or on a beach. That’s  all fine when you are playing the game casually but when talking about those professional matches and games between different teams the game is played in some indoor property. The badminton rules single game has are lot different than your casual games.

Unlike tennis the game of badminton is not played with a tennis ball but a shuttlecock is used in this game which is lighter than a ball. The shuttlecock is made either of a feather or a nylon material that even with a slight wind changes its speed as well as its trajectory and that’s why you have seen that the courts have air conditioners rather than fans. Now we will see the equipment used in the game of badminton and the badminton rules single game have.

Things required for playing Badminton

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Racket – The rackets used in the game of Badminton are lighter than those used in Tennis or Squash where the weight of the best quality racket with strings will be around 70 to 90 grams. And the rackets used in thee professional games cost way more than those available in the market for sale.

Shuttle – There are two types of shuttles used in the game of badminton one is Nylon Shuttlecock and the other one is Feather Shuttle cock. The nylon/plastic shuttle is for the beginners or for the recreational players. These shuttles are way cheaper than feather shuttle and much more durable than them. But these are not used in the professional games as these shuttles change there speed on different conditions which is not good in a tournament.

Here comes the second type of shuttle that is feather shuttle. These kind of shuttles are not that much durable but provides a better experience while playing when compared with the nylon shuttle.

Scoring a Point

The scoring system of Badminton called 21 point scoring system is started during the Uber/Thomas Cup in the year 2006. The scoring system that is used in today’s game is approved by bwf which states that the game is judged as the Beast of 3 sets where in each there are 21 points involved. As per this system the service is done by the point taker just as same as tennis but here bounce is not allowed in the game of badminton.

Faults in the game

The types of faults involved in the game of badminton are:

  • Delays
  • Touching the Net
  • Net Kill
  • Delays
  • Disturbing
  • Double Hit

So, these are some of the badminton rules single game has that are needed to be known before getting into or watching the game of badminton and if not learnt properly might cause a problem in your game.

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