If we start by getting into the history of Volleyball then it is a sport which has origins from America during the nineteenth century. Known worldwide and popular for the kind of techniques  and volleyball rules, basic one involved in the game, this game is present in many of the international events and sports tournaments like the Pan American Games and the Olympic Games.

The main goal to achieve in this game is to score as many point as you can as a team, but the differential involved in the game is to make the ball fall to the ground after crossing the net, thus gaining a point in the game. Now we will discuss the volleyball rules, basic things involved in the game.

Number of Players involved

There must be a total of 6 players on the court from each team. And these players are divided as three players in the back row and three players in the front row. And there is allowance for a team to have a libero player who has to wear a different color shirt. If talking about libero then it is a back row player who is a defensive specialist player.

Scoring Rules

Use of rally can be done, when it comes to scoring. Whenever there is a score of the ball, a point is awarded to the respective team who scored the ball. And the offense will score out of bound hits or on a defense miss. The defense will score try to score out of bound hits, on an offensive miss or serve into the net. Also, the game is played till 25 points or until there is a difference of 2 points between the teams if the score passes that 25 points.

The Serve

For starting the game the server needs to be behind the end line. And this position is maintained until after the contact. There is no restriction on serving underhand or overhand. And before serving the ball must be clearly visible to the opponent team. And during the serve for a point the served ball may graze the net and the ball must drop to the opposite side of the court. For the first game, the serve is decided and determined by volley and after that for all the next games the serve is done by the loser of the previous game. And at last, the serve done must return by a bump only.

Violations of Basic Rules

While serving if the player steps on or over the line then it is considered as a fault. And also if the player is not successful in getting the ball over the net then also the team loses a point. In between the game the player is not allowed to palm, carry and throw the ball as it is treated as fault.

So, these are some of the volleyball rules, basic things that the player needs to know before getting into plating the game of volleyball. In case you have any doubt or suggestion for us then feel free to contact us.

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