Cricket is game of passion and grit. It has been invented by Englishmen and they have laid some of the rules that you need to follow. There are certain formats that the rules get changed on and off. You just have to know the basic of cricket to play quality cricket. In the country like the India, cricket is followed as a religion while considering about cricket rules basic. Stay with us to know more about What are the Basic Rules of Cricket?

Object of the Game

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The main objective of the cricket game is by scoring more runs than the opponent team. The game has three formats like Test, One Day and Twenty where each will be given the timescale in that time period the game must be completed. So, each team will get the chance to bat and bowl. Also, the aim is to bowl out the opposing team for very less runs as possible in the allocated time.

Players & Equipment

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In the cricket game, each team will consist of 11 players. The players will different roles in the team whether they can be batsmen, bowlers, fielders and wicket keepers.  Usually the game is played on the grass where the diameter of the ground will be 200m. Around the edge of the field there is boundary line that is being played in and out the ground.


The runs are scored when the batsmen hits the ball with the ball and the two batsmen at the wicket have to manage by running to the end then the run can be counted. The batsmen can run as many runs as possible till they get out. In case, the ball crosses the boundary rope after bouncing at least once then it is counted as 4 runs and also in same case, if the ball crosses over the boundary rope without bouncing rope then 6 runs are counted. Where all these things can be considered as the cricket rules basic.

Winning the Game

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In cricket, one team will bat first and another team will field first. The batting team has to score many runs as possible in the given time and bowling team need to contain them for less runs. So, the team which outcomes another team will be declared as the winner.

There are many others things in considering the cricket rules basic for the beginners who are starting fresh. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about what are the basic rules of cricket. Thanks for reading!

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